Facet Navigation widget

This widget automatically retrieves and displays a list of facets, such as the Brand, Price, and Color facets. For each facet value, the number of matching catalog entries is displayed in parentheses. Typically, this widget is placed in the left sidebar of the page.

Page dependency

Use this widget only in layouts for the following page types:
  • Category pages
  • Search results pages (layouts that are assigned to search terms)

The Facet Navigation widget is designed for use in layouts that also contain the Catalog Entry List widget. When the customer selects a facet value, the catalog entries in the Catalog Entry List widget are filtered accordingly.

Examples of widget content

Figure 1. Facet Navigation widget - vertical orientation

Facet Navigation widget with vertical orientation
Figure 2. Facet Navigation widget - horizontal orientation

Facet Navigation widget with horizontal orientation

Prerequisites for using this widget

Ensure that facets are already configured for your store so that this widget can retrieve and display the facets. You cannot specify facets directly in the widget.

If your site uses the facet management capabilities, ensure that you configure the facets for your store by using the Catalogs tool. The Facet Navigation widget uses the settings in the Catalogs tool to determine which facets to display in the widget. For more information, see Managing facets.

Widget properties

After you add this widget to a template, you can set the following properties:

Properties of a Facet Navigation widget

Property Description
Widget name Type a name to identify this widget in this layout, for example, Facet navigation for search results. This name is not displayed on the storefront.
Widget orientation Specify how multiple facets are arranged inside the widget:
Display the facets in a single column down the page (see Facet Navigation widget - vertical orientation).
Display the facets in separate columns arranged side by side across the page (see Facet Navigation widget - horizontal orientation).