Web activity actions supported in Commerce Composer widgets

Certain widgets in the Commerce Composer widget library support web activities. When you build a web activity to run in one of these widgets, you must choose a web activity action that is supported by the widget.

In the following table, each web activity action is mapped to the widgets that support the action.

Action Content Recommendation widget Content Carousel widget Category Recommendation widget Catalog Entry Recommendation widget E-Marketing Spot widget IBM Product Recommendations widget
Recommend Content x x x
Recommend Promotion x x x
Display Location-Based Content x x x
Recommend Category x x
Display Recently Viewed x x x
Recommend Catalog Entry x x
Display Merchandising Association x x
Display Top Browsed x x
Display Best Sellers x x
Display Promotional Price*
Display IBM Product Recommendations x
Display Recommendations from External System x x
E-Marketing Spot Title x x x x x
E-Marketing Spot Properties x x x x x x
Add To or Remove From Customer Segment x x x x x x

* The Display Promotional Price action is not supported in any Commerce Composer widgets.