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Adding a payment method

This section explains how to add a payment method to an order.


  1. Log on to the IBM Sales Center.
  2. Select a store.
  3. Create or find the order or quote for which you want to add a payment method.
  4. If this is an order and it has already been submitted, click Edit.
  5. If this is a quote and it has already been completed, create a new quote from it.
  6. Go to the Order Items or Quote Items page, and modify the items as necessary.
  7. Go to the Payment page.
  8. For each payment method that you want to add:
    1. In the payment section, click Add.
    2. On the New Payment page:
      1. Select a type from the Payment type list.
      2. Enter information in all required fields and any other appropriate fields.

        Each required field is preceded by an asterisk (*).

        image goes here Tip: Click New beside the Billing address field to open a page that you can use to add a new shipping or billing address for the customer.

      3. Click OK.
  9. If this is an order, repeat the last step until the status message in the payment section indicates that all of the order's charges are covered by existing payments.
    Note: Before you can submit an order for processing, you must enter payment information to cover all existing charges. You can complete a quote with partial or no payment information.
  10. Click Submit or Complete Quote.