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Applying promotional offers

You can view promotional offers related to an order and change the order so that a promotional discount is applied.


  1. Log on to the IBM Sales Center.
  2. Select a store.
  3. Create or find the order to which you want to apply promotional offers.
  4. If this order has already been submitted, click Edit.
  5. Go to the Order Items page.
  6. Add items as requested by the customer.
  7. If the Marketing Promotions view is not open, click View > Show View > Marketing Promotions.

    Note: By default, the Marketing Promotions view is behind the Marketing associations view in the bottom-left frame of the Orders perspective.

  8. Review the promotions shown in the Marketing Promotions view with the customer.
  9. Make changes to the order items that will apply any promotional discounts that the customer wants to receive.
  10. Click the Apply button to apply your changes before clicking on the Payment page.
  11. Modify the payment information as necessary.
  12. Click Submit.