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Customers and organizations

All orders are associated with customers. You can create profiles to register new customers with a specific store using the Customer editor. The difference between creating a B2B and consumer direct customer is that the B2B direct customer has to be created in the context of an organization.

B2B directNote: Organizations apply to B2B direct stores only.
A customer can be either a registered or guest customer. A guest customer can be created from within a consumer direct store. Note the following points about guest customer creation:
  • When a CSR creates a guest order, the guest customer profile gets created automatically.
  • During guest customer creation, minimal customer specific information such as shipping and billing address are captured.
  • A guest customer can be converted into a registered customer at any time.

A registered customer profile contains all the information needed to place an order on the customer's behalf, such as, full name, complete address, shipping address, contact information, logon ID, and their organization.

B2B direct An organization profile contains basic information along with a means to access all the members belonging to the organization.