Post-Action tab

In the Post-Action tab, you can set to restart or shut down the client computer after the action has completed.

This window displays the Post-Action tab under which you can set to restart or shut down the client computer.
This tab is available from several different dialogs:
Among the various settings that you can specify in this tab you find:
Allow user to cancel restart
This gives the user a dialog box where they can cancel the proposed restart.
Set deadline
This gives the user the option to delay the restart/shutdown for the specified time frame after the action completed. Typically, restarts are needed to complete an installation, so they should not be postponed for too long a time.
Note: The restart/shutdown will be taken immediately if the target computer does not have a user interface (typically UNIX), or if no users are currently logged on.
Note: If the Windows 'Fast Startup' feature is enabled and the machine is in 'pending restart' following a Post-Action, a reboot may occur as soon as the machine is restarted if the Shutdown Power option was selected.
At deadline
Click one of these buttons to specify what the deadline action is. You can choose to automatically restart, or to keep a dialog box on the screen until the user is ready.