Accessing the console

The console is the visible face of BigFix, used by the operator to monitor and repair networked computers running the BigFix client.

To begin using the console, you must be authorized. There are two kinds of console user:

  • Operators, who manage the day-to-day operation of the program, including Fixlet management and action deployment, subject to the management rights assigned by a site administrator or master operator.
  • Master Operators, who are operators with the added authority to assign management rights to other console operators. Master operators can also:
    • Create new computer settings, which allow clients to be labeled for various groupings.
    • Create or edit retrieved properties, which are used to filter and sort computers.
    • Change the BigFix client heartbeat, to optimize the program's performance.
    • Subscribe or unsubscribe from sites.
    • Create custom actions (if that option was selected for this deployment).

When you have your credentials, you are ready to operate the console:

  1. Start the console by double-clicking its desktop icon or select it from the Programs menu: Start / Programs / BigFix / BigFix Console.
  2. Log in to the console using one of the following notations for the username:


  3. After you initialize the action site, the console opens and begins to import Fixlet. After it finishes, it forwards the Fixlets to the installed clients, which evaluate them and return the results. This process can take a few minutes.