Computer: Relevant Baselines

The Relevant Baselines tab of the Computer document lists all the Baselines that are applicable to the selected computer.

This window displays a highlighted Relevant Baseline tab on the left hand panel and the Baselines that are applicable to the selected computer are listed in the middle of the panel.

This filter/list is updated in real-time, refreshing its display as Baselines are reevaluated. The number of Baselines that are currently relevant is listed in the tab itself for easy viewing. Because Baselines contain content such as Fixlets that are targeted to computers based on relevance, different Baselines might apply to different computers, depending on current applicability.

This dialog has the same options as any Baseline List Panel, and can be sorted by the same headers. You can open and view individual Baselines by double-clicking them from this list.

This dialog is available by clicking an item in any Computer list. Then click the Relevant Baselines tab in the Computer Work Area.