Add Custom Setting

This dialog box lets you create a custom Name/Value setting that applies to the selected computer.

This window displays the Add Custom Setting dialog box where you can create the Setting Name and the Setting Value.
Type a name for the variable in the first input box, and type the value of the variable in the second box. This can be useful for naming or otherwise attaching text or numeric values to a computer or set of computers.
Note: Setting names on BigFix V9.5 UNIX and linux agents cannot contain any of these three characters:
"]" (right square bracket), "\" (backslash), "=" (equals)
If you use any of these characters in a setting name, the Add Setting will appear to succeed but the setting will be either missing or corrupt. It is also possible that neighboring settings might be affected adversely.

If settings containing these characters exist on a BigFix V9.2 agent, they will be missing or corrupt when upgrading to a BigFix V9.5 agent.

This dialog is available from the Edit Computer Settings dialog. Right-click a computer from any listing, select Edit Computer Settings from the pop-up menu, and then click the Add button.