Action: Summary

The Summary tab of the Action document shows various attributes of the selected action. These settings were created when the action was initially specified.

This window displays the Summary tab of the Action document, it also displays attributes of the selected action.
To view this information for a specific action:
  1. Click the Action icon in the navigation tree.
  2. Select that specific action from the List Panel. Information about the action is displayed in the Work Area.
  3. In the Work Area, click the Summary tab.
In the Summary tab you see the following information:
It shows the number of applicable targets grouped by completion status of the action. This status can be not reported, or are Waiting, or Running, or Completed.
If this action was originated by a Fixlet, this section contains a link to the Fixlet and the name of the content site involved.
It displays action settings including:
Describes any messages to be displayed either before or during the execution of the specified action.
Lists the requirements for user intervention in the action. Allows a user interface to be presented to select user groups.
Contains information about the execution of the action, including ending time, reapplication, and what happens if the action fails.
Provides information about what happens, including restarting or shutting down after the application of the action.
This section displays information about the action run and the relevance expressions and the action scripts it used:
The ID of the action. This is the unique identifier for that action run.
The name of the domain hosting this action.
Either single or multiple action, depending on how the action was issued. For more details, see Taking actions.
The overall state of the action as it deploys. An action opened cannot be removed unless it is stopped or expires.These are the possible states:
The action is active on one or more computers. It remains open until its expiration date elapses, or an operator stops it. You cannot remove an action that is open.
The action was stopped by an operator. It remains stopped until its expiration date elapses or it is removed.

The action has passed its expiration date. When an action expires, the targets stop evaluating. Hence, for the expired actions, the target status is a snapshot of last status reported by clients at the expiration time.

The date of issuance and the operator who issued the action.
This is a full listing of the relevance statement that determines the targeting of this action. For information about the Relevance language, see Relevance Language section in the BigFix Developer web site (
Action Script
This is a listing of the script that is run if this action is relevant to the client computer. For information about the action language, see Action Script Language section in the BigFix Developer web site (
Success Criteria
The criteria used to determine the successful conclusion of the action.
This is a text box that allows you to view or attach a comment to the action. This messages can be seen by all operators having access to the content site that the action belongs to.