Computer Group: Description

The Description tab of the Computer Group document provides information about a selected Computer Group. Below is the dialog for an Automatic Computer Group.

This window displays the Description tab of the Computer Group document.

It contains different information depending on whether the group is Automatic or Manual:

Automatic Computer Groups contain several sections:

  • Group Definition: This is a listing of the properties that specify the inclusion of a computer into the group. Each is a clause of the form <property> <relationship> <value>. For example, OS contains "win", creates an Automatic Computer Group consisting of Windows machines.
  • Targeting Relevance: This is the full Relevance expression that implements the property evaluation described above. Click show indented relevance to see a formatted version of the expression.
  • Comments: This is a text box to enter a comment that is attached to the Computer Group for other operators to view.

Manual Computer Groups only contain a Comment box. The information you enter here is attached to this Computer Group and become available to other Console operators.

This dialog is available by clicking the Computer Groups icon in the Domain Panel navigation tree and clicking a Computer Group from the List Panel. Then click the Description tab in the Computer Group document window.