Edit Description Tab

The Description tab of the Creation/Edit dialogs lets you describe your new or customized Fixlet,Task, Analysis, or Baseline object.

  • Enter a custom Description for the body of your descriptive message. Click the description in the HTML page to modify it.
  • Below the Description box is the text describing the Actions you can attach to this Fixlet, Task, or Baseline. The Action is a clickable link in the Description page. Click the text to modify it, although the default text is usually sufficient.
    Note: For an Analysis, this link activates the retrieval of the specified Properties. Activation involves the running of an Action, but in the case of an Analysis, it is a benign Action that creates a property that can be read by the Console.

This dialog is available by clicking the Fixlet, Task, or Baseline icon in the Domain Panel navigation tree. Right-click an item in the resulting List Panel and select the appropriate Create option from the context menu.

Alternatively, select the Create item from the Tools menu.