Edit Fixlet Message

The Edit Fixlet Message dialog allows you to create your own custom Fixlet messages. You can create a Fixlet message from scratch or clone an existing one and customize it.

To create an original Fixlet, choose Tools > Create New Fixlet. You are presented with a dialog with three text boxes at the top:

  • Name: Enter the name of your custom Fixlet message.
  • Create in site: From the pull-down menu, select the BigFix site you want to host it.
  • Create in domain: From the pull-down menu, select the Domain you want to host this Task.

Beneath these data fields, there are four tabs:

  • Description: Create a user-readable title and description for the Fixlet you want to deploy. If you are cloning an existing Fixlet, the original title and description is the default. This is an HTML page, and you can use the toolbar at the top to alter fonts and formatting.
  • Actions: Specify the actions for your custom Fixlet to run.
  • Relevance: Create a relevance clause to target this Fixlet to a subset of computers you choose. For a cloned Fixlet, the original relevance clause is the default. You can replace or modify the relevance clause to suit your network needs.
  • Properties: Specify certain properties for your Fixlet, including Category, Download Size, Source, Severity, and Date.

To create a new Fixlet message from scratch, select the following:

  • Tools > Create New Fixlet

You can also customize an existing Fixlet message by selecting it from any Fixlet list and then selecting:

  • Edit > Create Custom Copy

Alternatively, right-click in a Fixlet list and select Create Custom Copy or Create New Fixlet Message from the pop-up menu.