Create Analysis Properties Tab

The Properties tab of the Create Analysis dialog lets you define the properties you want to analyze.

This window displays the properties tab of the Create Analysis dialog where you can define the properties you want to analyze. Add Property and the Remove Property buttons are displayed on the right hand side of the panel.

This is the customized heart of the Analysis, and is not the same as the Properties tab of the Fixlet, Task, or Baseline dialogs.

There are two buttons in the Property tab:

  • Add Property. Click this button to add a new property to the Analysis. When you do, the text areas below becomes editable and you can define the property.
  • Remove Property. Highlight a retrieved property from this list to the left and click Remove Property to delete this item from the Analysis.

After clicking the Add Property button, you must enter a Name for the property and a Relevance statement to retrieve the information. For example, you might want to retrieve the names of the administrators for each client. You might name the property "Client Admins" and use a Relevance expression like "names of administrators of client".

You can also set the schedule for the analysis from the Evaluate every pull-down menu. The default is to update the property value whenever a report is requested. But you can also set it to any regular period between 5 minutes and 30 days.

You can create a new Analysis by selecting Tools > Create New Analysis, or you can edit a custom Analysis by right-clicking it and selecting Edit Custom Analysis from the pop-up menu or from the Edit menu.

Note: If the result of the property used in your analysis exceeds 1024 characters, the client considers it an error, and the BES Console will display "..." for that property on the summary page for the computer.