Step format

This format is not supported in Windows®.

The workstation on which the job runs.
The name of the job stream.
The time and date when the job was scheduled to run in the plan.
The name of the job. The following notation might precede a job name:
>> rerun as
A job that was rerun with the rerun command, or as a result of automatic recovery.
>> rerun rerun_number of rerun_total
A job that is part of a rerun sequence and its position within the sequence
>> repeated as
The second and subsequent runs of an every job.
The state of the job or job stream. See “Standard Formatˮ for information about state.
Return code
The return code of the job.
The process identification number displayed as #Jnnnnn.
A list of descendant processes that are associated with the job. For extended agent jobs, only host processes are listed.