Conman commands

List of conman commands lists the conman commands. Command names and keywords can be entered in either uppercase or lowercase characters, and can be abbreviated to as few leading characters as are needed to uniquely distinguish them from each other. Some of the command names also have specific short forms.

You can use the conman program from the master domain manager and from any fault-tolerant agent workstation in the HCL Workload Automation network. On dynamic agents, the following conman commands are supported:
  • listsucc. For more information, see Listsucc.
  • rerunsucc. For more information, see Rerunsucc.
Note: The workstation types in the following table have these meanings:
Dynamic domain managers, backup domain managers
Master domain managers and backup masters
Domain managers and fault-tolerant agents
Fault-tolerant agents
Standard agents (you can only display files on a standard agent)
Table 1. List of conman commands
Command Short Form Description Type Page
adddep { job | sched } adj | ads Adds job or job stream dependencies. F

adddep job
adddep sched

altjob aj Modifies a job in the plan before it runs. F altjob
altpass Alters a user object definition password. F altpass
altpri ap Alters job or job stream priorities. F altpri
bulk_discovery bulk Performs a bulk discovery. For use with IBM Tivoli Monitoring 6.1 (Tivoli Enterprise Portal). F bulk_discovery
cancel { job | sched } cj | cs Cancels a job or a job stream. F

cancel job
cancel sched

checkhealthstatus chs Invokes chkhltst service to check if mailbox can be successfully read by mailman or if there are errors in the mailbox header. MFS checkhealthstatus
chfolder cf Changes the working directory. F chfolder
confirm conf Confirms job completion. F confirm
console cons Assigns the HCL Workload Automation console. FS console
continue cont Ignores the next error. FS continue
deldep { job | sched } ddj | dds Deletes job or job stream dependencies. F

deldep job
deldep sched

deployconf deploy Gets the latest monitoring configuration for the event monitoring engine on the workstation. FS deployconf
display { file | job | sched } df | dj | ds Displays files, jobs, and job streams. FS display
exit e Exits conman. FS exit
fence f Sets HCL Workload Automation job fence. F fence
help(1) h Displays command information. FS help
kill k Stops an executing job. F kill
limit { cpu | sched } lc | ls Changes a workstation or job stream job limit. F

limit cpu
limit sched

link lk Opens workstation links. FS link
listfolder lf Lists folders. F listfolder
listsym lis Displays a list of Symphony log files. F listsym
listsucc Lists the successors of a job. F Listsucc
recall rc Displays prompt messages. F recall
redo red Edits the previous command. FS redo
release { job | sched } rj | rs Releases job or job stream dependencies. F

release job
release sched

reply rep Replies to prompt message. F reply
rerun rr Reruns a job. F rerun
rerunsucc Reruns a job and runs its successors. F Rerunsucc
resetFTA N/A Recovers a corrupt Symphony file on the specified fault-tolerant agent T resetFTA
resource res Changes the number of resource units. F resource
setsym set Selects a Symphony log file. F setsym
showcpus sc Displays workstation and link information. FS showcpus
showdomain showd Displays domain information. FS showdomain
showfiles sf Displays information about files. F showfiles
showjobs sj Displays information about jobs. F showjobs
showprompts sp Displays information about prompts. F showprompts
showresources sr Displays information about resources. F showresources
showschedules ss Displays information about job streams. F showschedules
shutdown shut Stops HCL Workload Automation production processes. FS shutdown
start Starts HCL Workload Automation production processes. FS start
startappserver Starts the WebSphere Application Server Liberty Base process DM startappserver
starteventprocessor startevtp Starts the event processing server. M(2) starteventprocessor
startmon startm Starts the monman process that turns on the event monitoring engine on the agent. FS startmon
status stat Displays HCL Workload Automation production status. FS status
stop Stops HCL Workload Automation production processes. FS stop
stop ;progressive Stops HCL Workload Automation production processes hierarchically. stop ;progressive
stopappserver stopapps Stops the WebSphere Application Server Liberty Base process DM stopappserver
stopeventprocessor stopevtp Stops the event processing server. M(2) stopeventprocessor
stopmon stopm Stops the event monitoring engine on the agent. FS stopmon
submit { docommand | file | job | sched }

sbd |
sbf |
sbj |

Submits a command, file, job, or job stream. FS(3)

submit docommand
submit file
submit job
submit sched

switcheventprocessor switchevtp Switches the event processing server from master domain managers to backup masters or vice versa. M switcheventprocessor
switchmgr switchm Switches the domain manager. F switchmgr
system-command Sends a command to the system. FS system command
tellop to Sends a message to the console. FS tellop
unlink Closes workstation links. FS unlink
version v Displays conman's command line program banner. FS version
  1. Not available on supported Windows® operating system.
  2. Includes workstations installed as backup masters but used as ordinary fault-tolerant agents.
  3. You can use submit job (sbj) and submit sched (sbs) on a standard agent by using the connection parameters or specifying the settings in the useropts file when invoking the conman command line.
Note: In the commands, the terms sched and schedule refer to job streams, and the term CPU refers to workstation.