limit sched

Changes the limit set in the definition of a job stream. For additional information on setting a limit in a job stream definition, refer to limit. You must have limit access to the job stream.


{limit sched | ls } jstreamselect


See Selecting job streams in commands.
Specifies the job limit. You can enter 0 through 1024.
Specifies not to prompt for confirmation before taking action on each qualifying job stream.


To change the job limit on all job streams that include sales in their name, run the following command:
ls sales@;4
To change the job limit on job stream CPUA#Job1, run the following command:

See also

From the Dynamic Workload Console you can perform the same task as follows:
  1. In the navigation bar at the top, click Monitoring and Reporting > Workload Monitoring > Monitor Workload.
  2. Select an engine.
  3. In Object Type, select Job Stream.
  4. Click Run to run the monitoring task.
  5. Select a job stream and click More Actions > Limit....
  6. Set the limit as required.