Generates an updated Sinfonia file and sends it to a fault-tolerant agent on which the Symphony file has corrupted.
Note: Complete removal and replacement of the Symphony file causes some loss of data, for example events on job status, or the contents of the Mailbox.msg message and the tomaster.msg message queues. If state information about a job was contained in those queues, that job is rerun. It is recommended that you apply this command with caution.
In the process, the following files are moved to the TWA_home/TWS/tmp directory:
  • Appserverbox.msg
  • clbox.msg
  • Courier.msg
  • Intercom.msg
  • Mailbox.msg
  • Monbox.msg
  • Moncmd.msg
  • Symphony
  • Sinfonia

Before the command is performed, an information message is displayed to request confirmation and ensure the command is not issued by mistake. If one of the target files cannot be moved because it is being used by another process (for example, the mailman process is still running) the operation is not performed and an error message is displayed.


You must have RESETFTA access to the fault-tolerant agent you want to reset.


resetFTA cpu


Is the fault-tolerant agent to be reset.

This command is not available in the Dynamic Workload Console.


To reset the fault-tolerant agent with name omaha, run the following command:
resetFTA omaha

See also

For more information about the fault-tolerant agent recovery procedure, see the section about the recovery procedure on a fault-tolerant agent in Troubleshooting Guide..