Alters the password of a user object in the current production plan.

You must have altpass access to the user object.




Specifies the workstation on which the user is defined. Use the upper case for this field even though you used the mixed case when specifying the workstation in the user definition. For more information refer to User definition. Do not specify this field if the user belongs to a Windows domain managed by active directory. The default is the workstation on which you are running conman.
Specifies the name of a user. Use the same user name specified in the HCL Workload Automation database and nothe that they are case-sensitive. For more information, see User definition.
Specifies the new password. It must be enclosed in double quotation marks. To indicate no password for the user, use two consecutive double quotation marks ("").


If you do not specify a password, conman prompts for a password and a confirmation. The password is not displayed as it is entered and should not be enclosed in quotes. Note that the change is made only in the current production plan, and is therefore temporary. To make a permanent change see User definition.


To change the password of user Jim on workstation mis5, stored in folder myfolder, to mynewpw, run the following command:
altpass myfolder/MIS5#JIM;"mynewpw"
To change the password of user jim on workstation Mis5 to mynewpw without displaying the password, run the following command:
altpass MIS5#JIM
password: xxxxxxxx
confirm: xxxxxxxx
To change the password of user Jim, defined in an active directory managed Windows domain named twsDom, to mynewpw, run the following command:
altpass TWSDOM\JIM;"mynewpw"

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