stop ;progressive

Stops HCL Workload Automation production processes hierarchically when you have defined at least one workstation as BEHINDFIREWALL in an HCL Workload Automation network. Similar to the stop @!@ command, but more effective in improving plan performance. The command does not run from the domain in which the command was initially issued for each subordinate domain, but runs at each hierarchical level.
Note: This command is not supported on remote engine workstations.

You must have stop access to the workstation.


stop ;progressive


When you issue the command on a domain manager, all workstations in that domain are stopped and then the domain manager itself is stopped and the command continues to run on any subordinate domains. The command continues to run in this hierarchical manner, the domain manager stops workstations in the same domain, stops itself, and then continues to run on subordinate domains.


Example network and Stopped workstations with stop ;progressive show the workstations stopped by issuing the stop ;progressive command on DM2 and DM4.

DMn are domain managers and Ann are agents.
Figure 1. Example network

The diagram shows the domain managers and agents stopped by stop commands run at specific workstations in the network.

Table 1. Stopped workstations with stop ;progressive
Command Stopped by DM2 Stopped by DM4
stop ;progressive