Stops a job that is running. In UNIX®, this is accomplished with a UNIX® kill command. You must have kill access to the job.


{kill | k} jobselect


See Selecting jobs in commands.
Specifies not to prompt for confirmation before taking action on each qualifying job.


The kill operation is not performed by conman; it is run by an HCL Workload Automation production process, so there might be a short delay.

Killed jobs end in the ABEND state. Any jobs or job streams that are dependent on a killed job are not released. Killed jobs can be rerun.


To kill the job report in job stream apwkly(0600 03/05/06) on workstation site3, run the following command:
kill site3#apwkly(0600 03/05/06).report
To kill job number 124 running on workstation geneva, run the following command:
kill geneva#124

See also

From the Dynamic Workload Console you can perform the same task as follows:
  1. In the Welcome page, select Monitor your workload, or in the navigation bar at the top of the page, click Monitoring & Reporting > Workload Monitoring > Monitor Workload.
  2. Select an engine.
  3. In Object Type, select Job.
  4. From the Query drop-down list, select All Jobs in plan or another task to monitor jobs.
  5. Click Run to run the monitoring task.
  6. From the table containing the list of jobs, select the job you want to kill and click More Actions > Kill .