Changes the number of total units of a resource.

You must have resource access to the resource.


{resource | reso} [[folder/]workstation#]


Specifies the name of the workstation on which the resource is defined. The default is the workstation on which conman is running.
Specifies the name of the resource.
Specifies the total number of resource units. Valid values are 0 through 1024.
Specifies not to prompt for confirmation before taking action on each qualifying resource.


To change the number of units of resource tapes to 5, run the following command:
resource tapes;5
To change the number of units of resource jobslots on workstation site2, stored in folder myfolder, to 23, run the following command:
reso myfolder/site2#jobslots;23 

See also

From the Dynamic Workload Console you can perform the same task as follows:
  1. In the Welcome page, select Monitor your workload, or in the navigation bar at the top of the page, click Monitoring & Reporting > Workload Monitoring > Monitor Workload.
  2. Select an engine.
  3. In Object Type, select Resource.
  4. From the Query drop-down list, select All Resources in plan or another task to monitor resources.
  5. Click Run to run the monitoring task.
  6. From the table of results, select a resource and click Change Units....