Stops the event monitoring engine on the workstation.


{stopmon | stopm} [domain!][folder/]workstation


Specifies the name of the domain of the workstation. Because workstations have unique names, the domain is not needed when stopping the monitoring engine on a specific workstation. Wildcard characters are permitted.

If domain is omitted, and workstation contains wildcard characters, the default domain is the one in which conman is running.

Specifies the name of the workstation where you want to stop the monitoring engine. Wildcard characters are permitted.
Specifies not to accept another command until the monitoring engine has stopped.
Specifies not to prompt for confirmation before taking action on each qualifying workstation.


The monitoring engine is restarted automatically when the next production plan is activated (on Windows also when HCL Workload Automation is restarted) unless you disable the autostart monman local option.

The command is asynchronous, unless you specify the wait keyword.

Permission to stop actions on cpu objects is required in the security file to be enabled to run this command.

See also

From the Dynamic Workload Console you can perform the same task as follows:
  1. In the navigation bar at the top, click Monitoring and Reporting > Workload Monitoring > Monitor Workload.
  2. Select an engine.
  3. In Object Type, select Workstation.
  4. From the Query drop-down list, select a query to monitor workstations.
  5. Click Run to run the monitoring task.
  6. From the table containing the list of workstations, select a workstation and click More Actions > Stop Event Monitoring.