Info format

The workstation on which the job runs.
The name of the job stream.
The time and date when the job was scheduled to run in the plan.
The name of the job. The following notation might precede a job name:
>> rerun as
A job that was rerun with the rerun command, or as a result of automatic recovery.
>> rerun rerun_number of rerun_total
A job that is part of a rerun sequence and its position within the sequence
>> rerun step
A job that was rerun with the rerun ;step command.
>> every run
The second and subsequent runs of an every job.
>> recovery
The run of a recovery job.
Job File
The name of the script or executable file of the job. Long file names might wrap, causing incorrect paging. To avoid this, pipe the output to more.
The job recovery option, if any. The recovery options are RE for rerun, CO for continue, and ST for stop.
The name of the recovery job, if any.
The number of the recovery prompt, if any.
For example:
conman "sj;info | more
produces a sample output like the following:
CPU   Schedule SchedTime  Job      JobFile                Opt  Job Prompt
M235062+#SCHED_22 1010 03/06
                    JOBMDM   /usr/acct/scripts/gl1
                  (B236153+#)JOB_FTA  echo job12
M235062+#SCHED_22 0600 03/07
                    JOBMDM   /usr/acct/scripts/gl1
                  (B236153+#)JOB_FTA  echo job12
M235062+#FINAL    2359 02/13
                    STARTAPPSERVER  /opt/HCL/TWA/TWS/../wastools/
                    MAKEPLAN  /opt/HCL/TWA/TWS/MakePlan TWSRCMAP:(RC=0) OR (RC=4)
                    SWITCHPLAN  /opt/HCL/TWA/TWS/SwitchPlan
M235062+#FINALPOSTREPORTS    2359 02/13
                    CHECKSYNC /opt/HCL/TWA/TWS/CheckSync
                    CREATEPOSTREPORTS  /opt/HCL/TWA/TWS/CreatePostReports
                    UPDATESTATS  /opt/HCL/TWA/TWS/UpdateStats
M235062+#SCHED12  1010 03/06
                    JOBMDM   /usr/acct/scripts/gl1
                  (B236153+#)JOB_FTA  echo job12
The following example displays the status of condition dependencies set on job, JOB_WAGES, in job stream, PAYROLL. The output conditions are displayed with "sc" to identify successful conditions and "oc" to identify other output conditions. For each condition name and value pair, a value is assigned to identify whether the condition was satisfied true, not satisfied false or not yet evaluated N/A. :
-------- Restart ---------
Workstation    Job Stream     SchedTime  Job     JobFile     Opt  Job     Prompt#  
RENOIR         #PAYROLL       0000 08/10
                                JOB_WAGES         dir
				                                           sc: STATUS_OK true “RC=0”
                                                  oc: STATUS_ERR1 false “RC=2”
                                                  oc: STATUS_ERR2 false “RC=3”