Stdlist format

A standard list file is created automatically by jobmon in Windows® or jobman in UNIX®, for each job that jobmon and jobman launches. You can display the contents of the standard list files using conman. A standard list file contains:
  • Header and trailer banners.
  • Echoed commands.
  • The stdout output of the job.
  • The stderr output of the job.

To specify a particular date format to be used in the standard list files, change the HCL Workload Automation date format before creating the standard list files. You do this by modifying the date locale format.

Depending on your environment, change the date locale format by performing the steps listed below:
  • In UNIX®, set the LANG variable in the environment when netman starts. If the LANG variable is not set, the operating system locale is set by default to "C".
  • In Windows®, perform the following steps:
    1. Go to Control Panel→Regional Options and set your locale (location).
    2. Right-click My Computer, go to Properties, click Advanced, go to Environment Variables and set the LANG variable as a system variable.
    3. Shut down and restart the system.

The standard list files for the selected jobs are displayed.