Apply Label wizard - select options

Use this page of the Apply Label wizard to select options for the labeling operation.

Controls in the window

The following controls appear in the window:

Control name Control description
Move existing label if one exists Removes an existing label of the same type from another version of the element:
  • From another version on the same branch, if the label type was created as a "one-per-branch" label type
  • From another version anywhere in the element's version tree, if the label type was not created as a "one-per-branch" label type
No error occurs if there is no such label to remove.
Comment (Optional) Enter a description for the apply label operation.
Back Returns to the previous page in the Apply Label wizard.
Finish Closes the Apply Label wizard and applies the label to the selected elements.
Cancel Closes the Apply Label wizard without applying the label to any elements. Note that if you click Cancel after you click Finish, the Apply Label wizard closes, but the label is still applied to the selected elements.