Viewing workspace task details

Each task is an individual unit of work that contributes to the completion of an activity. The Workspace Content Contributor and Workspace Content Approver can view the tasks and task details that are assigned to them in the Management Center.


  1. Open the Workspace Management tool.
  2. Find the task you want to view.
  3. Double-click the task in the list view, or right-click and select Open. The General Properties view of the task displays:
    Code The language independent task identifier. This field is read-only.
    Name The name of the task.
    Task Group The name of the task group that the task is associated with. This field is read-only.
    Workspace The name of the workspace that the task is associated with. This field is read-only.
    Due Date The year, month, and day for the task to be completed. This is an informational field. This property is read-only.
    Date Completed The date that the task is marked as completed. This field is read-only.
    Date Approved The date that the task was approved. This field is read-only.
    Description A description of the task. This field is read-only.
  4. Click the Comments tab to view any comments.