Approving and rejecting task groups

If you are a Workspace Task Group Approver, you can approve or reject task groups when all of the tasks in the task group have been completed by the Workspace Content Contributors.

About this task

If you are not a Workspace Task Group Approver, you cannot see the task groups pending approval. If you log off the Management Center before approving a task group, the task remains in the previous state and changes are ignored.

To approve or reject a task group:


  1. Open the Workspace Management tool.
  2. In the Explorer view, click the To Do folder.
    The task list view displays.
  3. Approve or reject the task group.
    Use the main menu. Select the task and click Edit > Approve or Edit > Reject
    Use the context menu. Right-click the Completed Completed task group you want to approve; then in the context menu select Approve or Reject.
    The task group's status icon changes to Approved Approved or Rejected Rejected. Approved task groups are removed from the To Do task list view to the Approved task list view. Tasks in Rejected task groups are changed to the Re-do status.