Trigger: Customer Checks In

Use this trigger in a dialog activity to begin or continue the activity as soon as a shopper checks into a point of interest or a region by using their mobile device. With this trigger, you can provide relevant incentives to customers who use store promotions. These incentives can build loyalty and encourage customers to make additional purchases.

This trigger provides a means to reach out to customers when they first check in to either a specific store or a geographical region. This is usually an indication that the customer currently has a keen interest in your store.

You can target customers with marketing materials or promotions offers with the following actions:


Here is an example of a dialog activity that uses this trigger for a point of interest:

When a customer checks in to Edmonton Place Mall using their mobile device, the customer receives an email and a reward such as a coupon.

The dialog activity looks like this:

Example of Trigger: Customer Checks In to Point of interest.

In this example, the dialog activity uses this trigger for a region:

When a customer checks in to any point of interest in the Alberta region using their mobile device, send the customer a text message.

Example of Trigger: Customer Checks In to Region.

Guidelines for using this trigger

When you set up this trigger, you must specify the number of times a customer must check in to qualify for the dialog activity, for example, 3 times. You can also specify a time frame during which the check-in must occur, for example, within the last 30 days.

In most cases, dialog activities that use this trigger should not be set as repeatable. A repeatable activity allows a customer to experience the activity multiple times. In the first example, if the activity is set as repeatable, customers will get an email and a coupon each time they check in. The Repeatable check box is in the general properties for the dialog activity, By default, the check box is not selected.