HCL Commerce Version or later

Analytics Dashboard - Products

User will be able to view the dashboard in Management Center only after completing the dashboard configuration. Products page provides all the information related to products.

All the information related to the products in the selected store is listed in the tabular format.

Once configured, login to Management Center. From Hamburger menu, select Analytics. Analytics dashboard overview page will be displayed. Click on Products to get more information about the products listed in the selected store. The Products page will be displayed as shown below:

Select any Store from the available list of stores. Below are the store types that works with Analytics:
  • B2C (Consumer Direct)
  • B2B (B2B Direct)
  • BBB (Basic B2B Direct)
  • BMH (B2B Hosted store)
  • BRH (B2B reseller store)
  • MHS (Consumer direct hosting store)
  • RHS (Reseller Hosted store)
  • SUS (Supplier Hosted Store)
Note: User will only be able to see the data that is selected only after configuration of the store.

Select Currency from the list.

Select Dates from the calendar. Data will displayed based on the Start Date and End Date selected for the store.

The data shown on the dashboard is displayed for the selected store. User can click on the Refresh button shown on the right top corner of the page to get the updated data from the store.

Click Hide Filters, and all the filters will disappear from the screen. To See the filters again, click either on Refresh icon, or Show filters given at the left bottom of the page.

Enter the name of the product in the Product Performance, you can view the product related details.

All the data related to Product Performance will be shown in the table form.
Table 1. Product Performance
Term Description
Product Name of the products customers are viewing in the store.
Revenue The total sum of the revenue generated by the product for selected store.
Quantity sold The total number of the product sold from the selected store.
Added to cart The number of times when a product was added to cart.
Removed from cart The number of times a product was removed from the cart.
Checkout This shows the number of times when the product was checkout out by the customer.
Details Viewed This shows the number of times when the product details was viewed by the customer.
Lists Viewed This displays the number of times when the product was displayed from the list view.
Lists Clicks This displays the number of times when the product was clicked by the customer from the list view.