Listing attachments

You can see all of the attachments under the selected store by opening the Attachments list view. Use the Attachments list view to display a list of the attachments and view details for a specified attachment, such as generic information and the attachment assets that it contains.

Before you begin

You specified a store when you logged on to the Management Center.


  1. Open the Assets tool.
  2. In the explorer view filter, select Attachments; then click the Attachments directory to display the list of attachments.
    All of the attachments that are contained in the selected store are displayed in the Attachments - List view.
  3. In the list view, the following details are displayed for each attachment:
    Type Indicates the file type of the attachment.
    Store In the extended sites business model, this column indicates the name of the store that owns the attachment.
    Code The unique identifier for the attachment, for example, 300011Att.
    Name The name of the attachment.
    Short description The short description for the attachment.
    Long description The long description for the attachment.
    When you update any of these items, the properties view for the attachment opens so that you can save your updates.
    WebSphere Commerce EnterpriseNote: If you are working in an extended sites store, attachments that belong to a local store or an asset store are displayed.