Deleting attachments

You can delete an attachment if you are no longer using it. You cannot delete an attachment if it is associated with a business object, such as a catalog entry, category, or marketing content.

Before you begin

To determine if an attachment is assigned to any business objects, view the attachment details. The properties view of the selected attachment displays the business objects that the attachment is assigned to in the References tab.


  1. Open the Assets tool.
  2. In the explorer view filter, select Attachments; then click the Attachments directory to display the list of attachments.
  3. In the Attachments - List view, select the attachment and click Delete.


The attachment is deleted.
WebSphere Commerce EnterpriseRestriction: If you are working in an extended site store and the attachment that you want to delete belongs to an asset store, you cannot delete the attachment unless you are authorized to access the asset store. When you are in an extended site store, the icon in the Type column for the attachment displays a small black arrow Asset store indicator to indicate that the attachment belongs to an asset store.