Adding URLs to attachments

You can add URLs to a selected attachment. For example, if several PDF files that describe the characteristics of a product are stored on a remote content server and you want a specific attachment to contain these PDF files, you can add the URL of these PDF files to the attachment.


  1. Open the Assets tool.
  2. Open the properties view for the attachment.
  3. Above the Files or URLs table, click Create New URL to add a row to the table.
  4. Complete the following information:
    Path Type the full path of the URL, for example,
    Language Select the check box for each language that applies to this URL.
    Note: If you do not specify a language for this URL, the URL is used for all languages that are supported in the selected store.
    Repeat this step for all appropriate languages.
  5. Click Save; then click Close.


The URL is added as an asset of the current attachment, and is applied to the selected languages.