Feature Pack 6 or later

Creating promotion folders

Beginning with Feature Pack 6, you can use Management Center to create promotion folders to organize and manage store promotions.

Feature Pack 5Business users cannot create promotion folders. A Site Administrator must manually create promotion folders by using SQL statements. For more information, see Creating promotion folders.

Before you begin

WebSphere Commerce EnterpriseIf you are using extended sites, ensure that you understand how folders work in extended sites. For more information, see Folders in extended sites.


  1. Open the Promotions tool.
  2. In the explorer view, expand Promotions
  3. Click the folder that you want to create a folder within, or select the top-level directory to create a top-level folder.
    A list of all promotion folders displays in the main work area.
    Tip: You can view a list of promotions or a list of subfolders within the folder or directory. Click the Show object list Show Promotions List or Show folders list Show Promotion Folders List.
  4. From the toolbar, click the arrow on the right side of the Create New Create New icon; then select Promotion Folder.
  5. In the Name field, type a name.
  6. Optional: In the Description field, specify a description.
  7. Optional: Add, remove, or replace the parent folder:
    Add Use the utilities view or the explorer view to drag a folder into the Parent Folder table. A subfolder cannot have multiple parent folders, but a folder can have multiple subfolders.
    Remove Select the folder in the Parent Folder table and click the Delete Delete button. If you remove the entry in this table, you change the folder from a subfolder to a top-level folder.
    Replace Use the utilities view or the explorer view to drag a folder into the Parent Folder table. The folder that you drag into the Parent Folder table replaces the previous folder as the parent folder.
  8. Click Save; then click Close. Ensure that your new promotion folder displays.