Feature Pack 5 or later

Adding promotions and subfolders to a folder

You can include promotions or subfolders within a parent folder to improve the organization of your store promotions.

Before you begin

WebSphere Commerce EnterpriseIf you are using extended sites, ensure that you understand how folders work in extended sites. For more information, see Folders in extended sites.

About this task

Feature Pack 5You can use Management Center to include only promotions within a parent folder. To add a subfolder to a parent folder, a Site Administrator must use SQL statements. For more information, see Changing promotion folders.

Feature Pack 6 or laterBeginning with Feature Pack 6, you can use Management Center to include promotions or subfolders within a parent folder.

Feature Pack 8An administrator can enable the Promotions tool to not display promotions that are in a folder in the main Promotions - List view. If this configuration is enabled, promotions that you add to a folder are removed from displaying in this list of promotions for your store. When you remove a promotion from all folders that included the promotion, the promotion displays in this list of promotions again. For more information, see Organizing promotions with folders.


  1. Open the Promotions tool.
  2. In the explorer view, expand:
    • Feature Pack 5Promotion Folders
    • Feature Pack 6 or laterPromotions
  3. Click the folder that you want to add a promotion or subfolder within.
    The contents of the folder displays in the main work area.
    Tip: You can view a list of promotions or a list of subfolders within the folder or directory. Click the Show object list Show Promotions List or Show folders list Show Promotion Folders List.
  4. Use the utilities view to find the promotion or subfolder that you want to include in the folder. Drag the promotion or folder from the utilities view into the promotion folder.
    • Promotion
      • Feature Pack 5Feature Pack 7 or laterA dialog displays. Choose an option:
        Adds a shared reference of the promotion to the parent folder. Any change to this promotion causes all shared references of the promotion to be changed as well.
        Clones a new promotion or folder in the selected parent folder. This new promotion or folder contains the same properties of the original copy. Any changes to this copy do not affect the original promotion or folder. If you select to copy a promotion or folder, the object properties view opens for editing. Change the properties for the promotion or folder if necessary, and save your changes.
      • Feature Pack 6The promotion is added to the folder. Changes to this promotion change the promotion in all folders that include the promotion.
    • Folder
      This folder contains the same promotions as the original. The subfolders in the original and the promotions within the subfolders are not copied. Any changes to the clone do not affect the original folder. The object properties view opens for editing. Change the properties if necessary, and save your changes.
      The folder and all of its contents are moved to the new parent.
      Note: You cannot move a subfolder to make the subfolder a top-level folder. To make a subfolder a top-level folder, you must remove the entry in the parent folder table within the properties view for the subfolder.

      A folder can contain multiple subfolders, but a subfolder can have only one parent folder. You cannot have multiple subfolders with the same name in a folder.

  5. Click Save. Verify that your added promotion or subfolder displays in the parent folder.