Feature Pack 8

Archiving promotions

You can archive inactive promotions and remove the promotions from displaying when you browse the Promotions tool to make finding new, active, and any remaining inactive promotion easier. When you archive a promotion, the promotion is automatically removed from the list of promotions for your store and from any promotion folder that included the promotion.

To ensure that the Promotions - List view displays the most relevant information, such as active promotions, new promotions, and recently inactive promotions, archive promotions that are no longer necessary. The Promotions - List view cannot display more than 1000 promotions. If your store has more than 1000 promotions in a non-archived state, the main Promotions - List view does not display any promotions.

After you archive a promotion, your options for managing the promotion are changed:
  • You cannot edit an archived promotion; archived promotions are read-only.
  • You cannot export promotion codes for an archived promotion.
  • You cannot change the status of an archived promotion. To reuse an archived promotion, copy the archived promotion then activate the copy.
  • You cannot find an archived promotion by browsing the list view or promotion folders. You also cannot search for an archived promotion with the Find and Add or Simple Search features. Instead, use the Advanced Search feature for the Promotions tool. For more information, see Finding promotions.
  • You can delete archived promotions. For more information, see Deleting promotions.


  1. Open the Promotions tool.
  2. Find the promotion that you want to archive.
  3. Ensure that the promotion is deactivated state. A promotion must be in the inactive state before you can archive the promotion.
  4. Right-click the promotion and click Archive.
    When the archiving process completes, the promotion status changes from inactive to Archived.
  5. Reload the Promotions tool. to remove the archived promotion from any list view or folder that included the promotion.
    The archived promotion is removed from any list view or folder that included the promotion.