Feature Pack 6 or later

Defining product-specific swatch images

For certain attributes like Color, you might want a product to have its own unique swatch images. If so, you can create attachments that contain your product-specific swatch images and associate the attachments with the product. As a result, the product-specific swatch images are used on storefront product pages instead of the generic swatch images for the attribute.

Before you begin

Ensure that:
  • The product and SKUs to which you want to assign product-specific swatch images exist in the catalog.
  • The attribute and its values are already set up in the attribute dictionary, and they are assigned to the product and its SKUs.


  1. Open the Assets tool.
  2. Upload the product-specific swatch image files to the correct store.
  3. For each product-specific swatch image, create an attachment to contain the image:
    1. From the File menu, select New > Attachment.
    2. In the properties view, click the Manage Attachment tab. In the General Attachment Information section, complete the following information:
      Property Description
      Code Type a code for this attachment that follows this exact format:



      The code (part number) for the product that the swatch images are for, for example, WMDRS100. Use the exact value that is entered for the product in the Code field on the Manage Product tab.
      The code for the attribute that this swatch image is for, for example, ApparelColors. Use the exact value that is entered for the attribute in the Code field on the Manage Attribute tab in the attribute dictionary.
      The attribute value that you want to use this swatch image for, for example, Red. Use the exact value that is entered in the Values column of the Attribute values table on the Manage Attribute tab in the attribute dictionary.


      Important: You must use this exact format so that the server can match the swatch image in the attachment to the correct product and attribute value.
      Name Type a name for the attachment, for example Red Swatch for WMDRS100.
      Short description Optionally, type a brief description of the attachment.
      Long description Optionally, type a detailed description of the attachment.
    3. In the Files or URLs table, add the product-specific swatch image file to your new attachment.
      For example, if the attachment is for the Red swatch image, add the product-specific red swatch image file to the table.
    4. Click Save; then click Close.
    5. For each additional product-specific swatch image, repeat steps 3.a to 3.d.
  4. Add the attachments containing the product-specific swatch images as associated assets for the product:
    1. Open the Catalogs tool.
    2. Find the product that you want to associate the product-specific swatch images to.
    3. Open the product; then click the Associated Assets tab.
    4. Open the utilities view by clicking Show utilities view; then click the Find tab.
    5. From the search filter, select Attachments.
    6. Search or browse for one of the attachments containing a product-specific swatch image.
    7. Drag the attachment from the find list to the Associated assets table in the properties view.
    8. In the Usage column, select Swatch Image.

      Do not specify a sequence in the Sequence column. The sequence of attribute values is defined in the attribute dictionary.

    9. For each additional product-specific swatch image, repeat steps 4.f to 4.h.
    10. Click Save; then click Close.
  5. Preview the product on the storefront to ensure that the product-specific swatch images take effect.