Web Console Tabs

At the top of the web console, you can review status information. It includes the Discover version number, host and port information, and current version of Linux™, as well as the time at which the page was last loaded.

  • In the upper-right corner of the console, you can access the SysInfo page. See SysInfo Page.
  • When the page is loaded, the web console checks the available disk space in the partition that is containing the DNCA software. If there is insufficient free disk space, a red status message is displayed, and steps must be taken immediately to free up space in the partition (/usr/local/dncauser by default).

The following configuration pages are available in the web console:

Tab Label
Used for...
DNCA Web Console - Summary Tab
Status of running Capture processes; Viewing hits, rejected hits; TCP connections/packets/errors; SSL connections/handshakes; and listener bytes read and written. Viewing status and configuration information for the primary and secondary network interfaces
DNCA web Console - Console Tab
Starting/stopping capture of live packets from the network, Enable/disable capture at startup
DNCA Web Console - Interface Tab
Defining network interfaces (NICs), configuring DNCA for a network tap or spanned switch port, configuring capture instances, defining web servers to monitor and ignore, defining traffic filters, and defining capture tuning parameters
DNCA Web Console - Delivery Tab
Specifying Discover servers to receive packaged hits from DNCA, setting delivery parameters, synchronizing time
DNCA Web Console - SSL Keys Tab
Loading, editing, and deleting private keys for web servers that are monitored; obtaining more information about, ignoring, or deleting missing private keys
Pipeline Settings
Editing configuration parameters that control hit processing; time-grading, capture mode, sessionization, include/exclude extensions.
Downloading Privacy Configuration
Enabling/disabling privacy, creating and editing privacy rules
Stats per Instance
Viewing DNCA activity metrics
DNCA Web Console - Backup-Logs Tab
Backing up and uploading the configuration file; viewing various log files; enabling/disabling packet archiving.
DNCA Web Console - Failover Tab
Managing failover settings
DNCA Web Console - Utilities Tab
Access various utilities for DNCA administrators
DNCA Web Console - Debug Page
Managing DNCA core dumps