About this task

Before you begin configuring the DNCA, verify that you meet the following requirements and acquired the following information:


  1. The operating system for the DNCA server is installed with the Discover-recommended packages. See Hardware Setup and Operating System Installation.
  2. The operating system is properly configured. See Configuring DNCA on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL).
  3. The DNCA software is installed in a directory on the DNCA hardware. See Installing the Network Capture Application.
  4. To complete the steps in this configuration, you must acquire the following information:
    1. The IP address of the DNCA hardware
    2. The Network Interface Cards that is connected to the DNCA device that are providing the traffic source
    3. The host name or IP address and port number of the Processing Server.
      • If you are using Health-Based Routing (HBR), you need the host name or IP address and port number for the HBR machine. See "Health-Based Routing (HBR) Session Agent" in the Unica Discover Configuration Manual.


Note: The dncauser user is created without a password that is assigned to it, so you cannot log in with that account by default. Security risks are minimal; the dncauser user can only start and own the Discover processes. Depending on your enterprise security requirements, you must assign a password to the dncauser user from the root user.