DNCA Web Console Login

To monitor and configure the Unica Discover Network Capture Application server, you can use the web Console, a web-based administration tool.

To open the web Console, enter the following address into your browser's Address field. HTTP Secure:





  • <servername> corresponds to the host name of the DNCA server.
  • <portnumber> corresponds to the port number used to communicate with the web Console.
    • For HTTP, the default port number is 8080.
    • For HTTPS, the default port number is 8443.

The ports to which the DNCA web Console listens can be configured. See Changing Web Console Listening Ports.

Note: If you enable Windows™ Enhanced Security features, you can experience issues when you use Internet Explorer to access the DNCA web Console. See "Troubleshooting - Portal" in the Unica Discover Troubleshooting Guide.