Testing Your Configuration

About this task

After you complete initial configuration, you can perform the following steps to verify the configuration.

The output of the Unica Discover Network Capture Application is not easily reviewable until the remainder of the Unica Discover system is configured. If you only configure the DNCA, you can review the following steps to verify that the DNCA is functioning properly.


  1. Enable capture through the DNCA Web Console, if not done already. Verify that capture is on. See Enable Capture.
  2. When capture is running, check the Machine Health section of the Summary tab to verify that all processes are running.
    • In the Peers section, you must have the delivery peers listed. The value of the Status column must be connected. If you do not configure a Discover Processing Server to receive data from the DNCA, errors can be reported here.
    • In the Peers section, the Hits Delivered statistics must be non-zero and increasing, which indicates that the DNCA is delivering hits to the targets specified in the Delivery tab.
    • See DNCA Web Console - Summary Tab.
  3. Check the log files for any errors. See DNCA Web Console - Backup-Logs Tab.
    • In the log files, you can notice errors that the DNCA is unable to contact a peer if you do not configured a Discover Processing Server to receive data from the DNCA.


When all Discover components are configured, you must complete an end-to-end test.