Capture Type Lists

By default, the DNCA is configured to capture data types that are interesting for most web applications. Particularly for rich internet applications, custom data types and file extensions can be present in the capture stream.

  • Additionally, the DNCA automatically inflates POSTs with some content encoding types and can be configured to inflate other types. See Capture All Content-Encoding Types.
    Note: Whenever you upgrade your DNCA, you must review the all capture type lists to verify that all required data types are being captured and processed appropriately.
Note: For all web applications, the set of DNCA capture types must be reviewed so that all meaningful data is captured and processed by Discover. Data that is not defined to be captured by the Unica Discover Network Capture Application is dropped in and results dropped hits that are displayed in session data.

In the Capture Type Lists sections, you can configure inclusions and exclusions that are applied to requests and responses. For example, if you remove the text/json content type from the XML POST panel, the content type is still captured as part of the internal default captured content types, but the content is no longer inserted into the [xml1] section. See JSON Examples.

Note: After you add new content types for capture, you must also add them through Manage Services if you want to index the HTTPS responses of the captured type.