Current Per Second Stats

For each instance of the DNCA, this panel indicates the flow of hits through each process of the application on a per-second basis. This refreshes every 20 seconds by default

Identifier of the instance
Listend Packets In
Count of packets that are entering the listend process. This metric indicates the rate of packets that are received by the DNCA from the network.
Listend Out
Volume of data that is leaving the listend process per second.
Reassd In
Volume of data that is expected to enter the reassd process per second. This metric must match the volume leaving the listend process.
  • Differences between the values of Listend Out and Reassd In can indicate problems with the DNCA processing hits fast enough to match the current flow of traffic.
TCP Connections
Count of TCP connections between the DNCA and the switch or span submitting data to it
SSL Missing Keys
Count of missing SSL keys per second.
Note: This value must be zero. Non-zero values can indicate issues to investigate. See DNCA Web Console - SSL Keys Tab.
SSL New Handshakes
Count of new SSL handshakes detected in the capture stream per second. Typically, this metric indicates the count of new sessions.
Note: Consistently abnormal values can indicate that the web server is initializing new SSL handshakes when it must not, which can indicate a server-side configuration issue.
Reassd Hits Non-SSL
Count of non-SSL hits that are entering the reassd process per second
Reassd Hits SSL
Count of SSL hits that are entering the reassd process per second
Reassd Out
Count of hits that are leaving the reassd process per second