DNCA monitoring using Discover status

The Discover status report polls each active Discover server that is configured in the Manage Portal page for status information and produces a summary report within the Portal. It provides a dashboard view into the health of your system.

About this task

To include reporting on the DNCA in the Discover Status report, complete the following steps to enable the Portal application. It communicates with the server or servers that are hosting the DNCA.


  1. Log in to the Portal as a Discover administrator.
  2. From the Portal menu, select Discover > Manage Portal.
  3. In the Manage Portal page, click the Manage Servers link.
  4. Review the list of servers. Verify that the list contains a reference for each DNCA server from which you want to receive Discover Status information.
  5. If a server is not listed, create an entry for it:
    1. Click New. From the drop-down menu, select Capture Application Server.
    2. At the bottom of the page, specify the properties that enable the Portal application to connect to the DNCA server.
    3. Verify that the Active check box is selected.
    4. To save the entry, click Save.
    5. The entry must be displayed in the list of servers.
    6. Select the entry. At the top of the list of servers, click the Ping tool to test the connection between the Portal application and the server.
  6. Repeat the previous steps to create entries for other DNCA servers in the environment.
  7. When you finish creating entries for all DNCA servers, generate a Discover Status report:
    1. In the Portal Management page, click the Logs link in the left navigation panel.
    2. Click the View Discover Status link.
    3. The Discover Status report is displayed.
    4. Search the report for DNCA.