Upgrade for DNCA

It is recommended that you always use the latest version of the Unica Discover Network Capture Application suitable for your version of Unica Discover.

Note: If you have any questions about the process or the steps that are required to upgrade your Discover solution, contact support.
Note: Avoid upgrading the DNCA and the Windows™ components at the same time. Upgrading asynchronously may help in resolving any issues that occur during the upgrade process.

The Unica Discover Network Capture Application is installed on a separate Linux™ server from the Windows components and can be upgraded independently of the rest of the Unica Discover upgrade. However, for purposes of upgrading the entire Unica Discover installation, Discover recommends that you upgrade your DNCA to the latest version after you upgrade the other Windows components.

  • This process works for a multi-instance DNCA.
  • If the environment is using multiple DNCA servers, the process must be repeated for each server.