Administering Unica Discover involves configuring and integrating the Unica Discover client framework with your web applications or mobile native applications, installing and administering the databases used by Unica Discover, defining event objects and configuring events, hit attributes, dimensions, and other object attributes used by Unica Discover to monitor mission-critical metrics of your web application's performance.

Use the information in Administering for installing, configuring and administering Unica Discover replay features and capabilities and for working with Unica Discover Mobile, including managing user agents and configuring user agent detection in Unica Discover Mobile.

You can also find information in Administering for installing, configuring, and managing the Unica Discover Data Export family of products that integrate Unica Discover with third-party web analytic applications, voice of customer (VOC) applications, or business intelligence applications.

Manuals in the Administration section include the following: