DNCA configuration files

Configuration settings that are related to the Unica DiscoverNetwork Capture Application are available through the DNCA Web Console or, if needed you can use the vi editor to edit the configuration files that are located in /usr/local/dncauser/etc/.

About this task

  • dcx-conf.xml: This configuration file contains DNCA configuration settings.
  • runtime.conf: This configuration file contains custom settings and values for operating system-level configuration. This file can be used to override any of the default setting values that are listed in the Discover.conf file.
  • Discover.conf: This configuration file contains the default settings and values for operating system-level configuration.
    Note: Discover.conf must be assigned read-only permissions for all users. It must never be edited.
Note: When you make configuration changes to your Linux™ installation, apply the changes to the runtime.conf file. runtime.conf supersedes the default Discover.conf file. Discover.conf can be used to revert changes to the default settings if necessary, and it must be configured to be a read-only file.

To change a runtime setting:


  1. Copy the entry from Discover.conf.
  2. Paste it into runtime.conf and edit the setting value.
  3. Save runtime.conf and restart the DNCA.