Add/Edit Rules

To define a single condition (test), you can specify ReqField, ReqOp, and ReqVal in a Rule. For more complex conditions, use the Tests option and define the test conditions separately.

Name of the rule
User-readable description of the rule, which also displayed in privacy.cfg.
This option specifies the name of a field, the name portion of a name-value pair, in the request file. The value of this field is used for comparison. You can also apply one of following special field names:
  • TL_URLEXT - The file extension portion of the URL
  • TL_URLTAIL - The tail of the URL, which includes the last / in the URL and everything that is following it
  • TL_VIRTUALDIR - The virtual directory portion of the URL
ReqOp defines the comparison operation that is performed by this rule between ReqField and ReqVal. Following are the valid values for this option:
  • EQ or = - True if the field value equals ReqVal. String comparison is case-insensitive
  • NE or != - True if the field value does not equal ReqVal. String comparison is case-insensitive
  • GT or > - True if the field value is greater than ReqVal
  • LT or < - True if the field value is less than ReqVal
  • CONTAINS - True if ReqVal is contained in the field value
  • PARTOF - True if the field value is part of (contained in) ReqVal
  • PARTOFLIST - True if the field value matches one of the values in ReqVal.
    • The list of values in ReqVal can be delimited by semicolons or other delimiter specified by the ListDelimiter property.
Literal value or field name (set ReqValIsField=True for field name). When ReqOp=PARTOFLIST, this setting must specify a list of values that are separated either by a semicolon or another delimiter (specified by using ListDelimiter).
  • If ReqField is set to TL_URLEXT, this field contains the extensions that are including periods.
Logical operator to use when multiple tests are specified. Possible values are AND and OR. If no value is specified, AND is applied as the default value.
  • When TestOp=AND, all tests must return True for the actions to be processed.
  • If TestOp=OR, the actions are processed if any of the tests return True.
List Delimiter
The character used to separate list items in ReqVal when using the ReqOp=PARTOFLIST. The default is a semicolon (;).
Case Sensitive
True or False value that is indicating whether the searches for field names must be case-sensitive. Default is False. Setting this to True speeds up searches.
True or False indicating whether ReqVal contains a field name.
True or False value. If True, then the result of the test evaluation is inverted (logical NOT).
Stop Processing
True or False value that is indicating whether to stop processing further rules if this rule evaluates to True.
True or False Value which specifies whether this rule is active.
One or more action names which correspond to the names of action sections to process if this rule returns True.
One or more test names which correspond to the names of test sections. The specified tests are evaluated to determine whether the actions is ran for the rule. If no test is specified (and no embedded test specified as described below), then the actions are run for every hit.