Configuring Multiple Listend-Routerd Pairs

Configure Multiple Listend-Routerd Pairs (MLRP) to use multiple NICs to capture network traffic in an environment that produces a high volume of network traffic.

About this task

To configure MLRP on your DNCA server:


  1. Log on to the DNCA web console.
  2. Go to the Interface tab.
    MLRP is only supported when transparent load balancing (TLB) is enabled. For more information about TLB, see DNCA Transparent Load Balancing Overview.
  3. Select Enable Transparent Load Balancing.
  4. Select Multi-instance Capture to enable MLRP.
  5. Select Add Instance to configure how many pairs you want to enable.
  6. Go to Instance List and configure the interface settings for each instance.
  7. Go to Filter Rules and apply your filtering rules to each instance.
    For more information about filter rules, see DNCA Web Console - Interface Tab.

What to do next

You can view the reassd instance and statistics for each MLRP pair by selecting Statistics, select an instance, then select Capture.