Privacy.cfg Reference

About this task

This section provides a reference overview of the Privacy.cfg file, which is used to configure privacy rules that are applied to the capture stream in the Unica Discover Network Capture Application.

Note: Avoid making direct changes to this configuration file. It is recommended that you change your privacy configuration through the Rules tab in the web console, which provides a user interface onto this configuration file. For more information, see Supported Browsers for DNCA Web Console.

Privacy enables the removal or encryption of sensitive information in the capture stream. Privacy can be applied at the following points during the capture and processing of session data.


  1. UI Capture
  2. DNCA
  3. Windows™ Pipeline see "Managing Data Privacy in Discover" in the Unica Discover Installation Manual.


You can use the Windows-based privacy tester utility to develop and test your privacy rules. Tested rules can then be pasted back into this configuration file for application to the DNCA.

  • See "Privacy Tester Utility" in the Unica Discover Configuration Manual.

Additional documentation is provided in the notes in the Privacy.cfg configuration file. This file is in the /usr/local/dncauser/etc directory. It can be edited with the vi editor.